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Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis is a Course

Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis

Time limit: 90 days
12 credits

$75 Enroll

Full course description

This is the first course produced by NANDA International to support the appropriate use of nursing diagnosis in clinical practice.The course will improve your understanding of nursing diagnosis and strengthen your ability to use your nursing assessment to drive clinical reasoning that results in accurate diagnosis for your patients.
This online course was developed to enhance understanding of clinical reasoning and appropriate use of the NANDA-I terminology (the nursing diagnoses) and taxonomy (the classification system), which is based on nursing assessment.
The course is divided into 4 modules:
1) Introduction to NANDA-I terminology and taxonomy
2) Nursing process using nursing diagnosis
3) Application of nursing diagnosis, and
4) Final course exam
The course contains interactive activities and case scenarios to foster deep learning.

Course Credit

This is a non-credit course.  A  NANDA International Certificate of Completion is available upon successful completion of the course.  
In addition, 12 Continuing Education Contact Hours   Continuing Nursing Education Credits (CNE) is available and offered by Boston College Connell School of Nursing Continuing Education Program. 
To successfully complete the course and qualify for Nursing CNE credits, participants must:
  • Register and Complete the online learning module
  • Complete and submit the CE course evaluation that will appear on your screen after you complete the online course

Target Audience

Nursing students and nurses across the globe. This includes nurses working in hospitals, clinics, other community centers, nurse educators, nurse researchers, administrators of Schools of Nursing and healthcare organizations.