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Daily contraceptive pills for one month Contraception Update is a Course

Contraception Update

Time limit: 14 days
1 credit

$25 Enroll

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In 2015–2017, 64.9%—or 46.9 million of the 72.2 million women aged 15–49 in the United States—were currently using a method of contraception. Review CDC guidelines for evaluating patient eligibility for various contraception methods - based on a categorization of weighed risks and benefits. Assess the mechanisms of action and the management of side effects for hormonal contraceptives, both combined and progestin-only.  Evaluate the ring, the patch, the implant and the IUD. Critique and defend some new contraceptive options.

This course expires on December 13, 2024.
Contact Hours: 1 (Rx: .5)